University of New Mexico Men’s Basketball Bahamas Tour Day 5 Daniel Faris

May 29, 2007

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Game 3 Recap - New Mexico 82 - Sunshine Auto Ruff Ryders 41

Daniel Faris
By Daniel Faris

I really wish my day for this was yesterday. Darren had a whole lot more to talk about and it will be almost impossible to follow up on his story. I still can’t believe what happened on the Seahorse and I am very thankful no one got really hurt. Everyone has recovered today and they all are doing fine. Coach Neal said he was fine, just a little sore. Darren and Roman will both play in the game, although I was worried that I might be out of action.

After getting up this morning and grabbing a bite at the buffet, we decided to go try some more waterslides. This time I went down the “Surge” in the “Tower of Power.” Sounds scary doesn’t it? Well, on this slide you start out in an open slide and you go down two quick drops.

Then the water jets shoot you back to the top and into a tunnel. I got turned sideways and my foot hit the side of the tunnel. It hurt like heck and I was yelling the whole rest of the way down the slide. My foot is black and blue and looks nasty. I was hobbling around for most of the day, but it feels better now. I will be ready to play, but it still hurts. I will get Smitty to work on it and I should be good-to-go. I am glad tonight’s game doesn’t start until 7:30 p.m. (E.D.T.).

After the sliding incident, I decided to take it easy. We spent the rest of the day on the beach relaxing. Last night a couple of us decided to walk around and take in the Aquarium here at the Atlantis. It is huge and full of big sharks. There is a manta ray in there that I swear is bigger than I am.

This whole trip has certainly been an adventure – on the basketball court, on land and at sea. We are all having a great time and getting to know everyone better. We need to play better and we will. It is good that there is so much to do because it helps your mind recover from a loss or a bad game really quickly.

The game here is a lot different than what we are used to. The 24-second shot clock has caught us off guard a few times, and the players here are very physical. We are adjusting, but it is difficult we have eight players and they keep running different guys at you. These games may not count towards our record, but we still want to win. Win or lose, we are getting better and will be a better team because of this trip.