Legacy Church

Legacy Church Free Throw Donation Program

During the 2011-12 Men's and Women's Basketball season Legacy Church has teamed up with Operation Smile in hopes to help heal children's smiles. As a children’s charity, Operations smile measures themselves by the joy they see on all of the faces they help. They are more than a charity organization. They are a mobilized force of medical professionals and caring hearts who provide safe, effective reconstructive surgery for children. In help in keeping our children smiling Legacy Church will donate $5.00 to Operation Smile for every free throw made this year.


11/05/11 vs. N.M. Highlands:Free throws made: 25
11/11/11 at Texas Tech:Free throws made: 15
11/14/11 at North Texas:Free throws made: 10
11/19/11 vs. Oklahoma:Free throws made :6
11/22/11 vs. Eastern New Mexico:Free throws made: 16
11/25/11 vs. Morehead:Free throws made: 1
11/26/11 vs. Pepperdine:Free throws made: 9
12/04/11 vs. New Mexico State:Free throws made:9
12/10/11 vs. UTEP:Free throws made:15
12/15/11 vs. Northern Colorado:Free throws made:13
12/18/11 at Houston Baptist:Free throws made:2
12/21/11 at Arizona:Free throws made:5
12/30/11 at New Mexico State:Free throws made:16
01/02/12 vs. Houston:Free throws made:7
01/11/12 at Boise State:Free throws made:5
01/14/12 vs. Wyoming :Free throws made:8
01/18/12 at San Diego State:Free throws made:11
01/21/12 vs. UNLV: 
01/25/12 at Colorado State: 
01/28/12 at TCU: 
01/31/12 vs. Air Force: 
02/04/12 vs. Boise State: 
02/11/12 at Wyoming: 
02/15/12 vs. San Diego State: 
02/18/12 at UNLV: 
02/22/12 vs. Colorado State: 
02/25/12 vs. TCU: 
02/29/12 at Air Force: 
Total: 193 free throws madeCash donations: $963.00


11/01/11 vs. Davenport:Free throws made:28
11/05/11 vs. Western New Mexico:Free throws made:27
11/11/11 vs. New Orleans:Free throws made:20
11/16/11 vs. New Mexico State:Free throws made:18
11/18/11 at Arizona State:Free throws made:18
11/24/11 vs. Santa Clara:Free throws made:31
11/25/11 Washington State:Free throws made:15
11/27/11 vs. Boston College:Free throws made:11
11/30/11 vs. Idaho State:Free throws made:12
12/03/11 vs. Missouri State:Free throws made:24
12/10/11 at USC:Free throws made:15
12/17/11 vs. Oklahoma State:Free throws made:17
12/20/11 vs. Montana State:Free throws made:12
12/22/11 vs. UMKC:Free throws made:18
12/28/11 at New Mexico State:Free throws made:17
12/31/11 vs. Saint Louis:Free throws made:24
01/03/12 vs. Houston Baptist:Free throws made:13
01/07/12 vs. North Dakota:Free throws made:10
01/14/12 at Wyoming:Free throws made:12
01/18/12 vs. San Diego State:Free throws made:3
01/21/12 at UNLV: 
01/25/12 vs. Colorado State: 
01/28/12 vs. TCU: 
01/31/12 at Air Force: 
02/04/12 at Boise State: 
02/11/12 vs. Wyoming: 
02/15/12 at San Diego State: 
02/18/12 vs. UNLV: 
02/21/12 at Colorado State: 
02/25/12 at TCU: 
02/29/12 vs. Air Force: 
03/03/12 vs. Boise State: 
Total: 345 free throws madeCash donations: $1725.00


Operation smile donation is currently : $1,300.00