Photos by R.Stevens
Photos by R.Stevens
Getting to Know: Senior Sammi Stevens
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  04/21/2014

SENIOR SAMMI STEVENS:  One of Sammi Stevens’ personal goals going into her senior year with the Lobos was to finally get a collegiate win.  She did that with a “Steady-Stevens” card of 71-71-71 at the Juli Inkster Invite.

 She has been one of the steadiest Lobos ever over the course of four years and one of the top golfers in the Mountain West.  She will carry a 72.96 stroke average into the 2014 MW Championships and has played 116 rounds as a Lobo.  She has gone par or better 28 times as a Lobo with 13 of those sub-par rounds coming this season.  She has a career-best 18-hole card of 67, which she carded this season.

Favorite Food?  Filet mignon.

Favorite Dessert?  Cheesecake

Favorite Candy?  Reeses

Red or Green?   Red.

Movies, TV or Book?  Movie

Two reasons you became a Lobo?  I loved Albuquerque and I looked at a lot of schools and there was nothing to compare to New Mexico and the golf course.

Biggest strength as a golfer?  Mental game.

What do you miss most about home?  My two dogs and three cats, but I have one dog here, too.

Advice to freshmen?  Be organized as a student and in golf pay attention to all the little things, the little drills you don’t really like to do.  They make a big difference.

One thing nobody knows about you? Most people don’t know I’ve broken a bone in my arms four times. (swing set, bike fall, dodge ball, snowboarding)

Three things on your bucket list?  Get my pilot’s license, go sky diving, and have a solid career on the LPGA Tour.

Favorite female and male movie star?  Angelina Jolie, Daniel Craig/Brad Pitt

Favorite non-sports movie?  Mean Girls.

Favorite sports movie?  Tin Cup and then Greatest Game Ever Played

My golf goals are?   Make it to NCAA nationals and win Mountain West

Dogs or Cats? Dogs

Chocolate or Vanilla?   Chocolate

Hamburgers or Hot Dogs?  Hamburgers

Favorite Quote? “Better every day.”

I would like to spend a day with:  Annika Sorenstam.