Lobo Women's Hoops: Challenge Accepted, Extended
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  06/18/2014

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- Nobody tells University of New Mexico women’s basketball coach Yvonne Sanchez to chill without repercussions.

Called out by USC associate head coach Beth Burns, Sanchez and assistant coach Amy Beggin accepted the #chillin4charity challenge to benefit the Kay Yow Cancer Fund.

Sanchez said Arizona women’s basketball coach Niya Butts started the challenge among Pac-12 schools in which women’s basketball head coaches and assistant coaches allowed themselves to get drenched with a bucket of ice water and make a donation to the cause.

The coaches then go on camera and challenge other coaches to spread the word.

“Cancer has affected many of us,” Sanchez said. “This is a great opportunity to support an organization that women’s basketball follows dearly, and that’s the Kay Yow Fund.

“It’s not only breast cancer but for research for all types of cancer. For coach Butts at Arizona to get this started and get everybody to accept this challenge is great.”

Sanchez said she was unaware of the challenge until a message on her twitter account alerted her to a youtube.com video of Burns taking the plunge and then challenging Sanchez to do the same.

Lobo assistant women's basketball coach Amy Beggin gets drenched for a good cause.“It happened 24 or 48 hours ago,” a dripping-wet Sanchez said. “Coach Burns called me out, and this is what happens.”

In her challenge, Sanchez called out UNLV coach Kathy Olivier, Nevada coach Jane Albright, San Diego State coach Stacie Terry and Carolyn Kieger to get drenched and make a donation.

Beggin, who noted that the initial contact with the water wasn’t what made the experience “memorable,” but rather the continuation of water being poured on her, challenged South Dakota State assistant coach Katie Falco and Boise State associate head coach Sunny Smallwood.