Day 7: Lobo Travel Day, Minus the DVDs
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  08/10/2014

Italy Day 7

FLORENCE, Italy – Today was a strange day for the University of New Mexico women’s basketball team during its tour of Italy.

It marked the first day in which the Lobos had neither a walking tour nor a game. UNM spent the morning in Pesaro, near the Adriatic Sea, after its 70-54 over the aptly named Adriatic Sea Sirens one night earlier.

Some of the team decided to walk over to the beach, where the first injury of the tour took place: Josie Greenwood suffered what she called a “minor” jellyfish sting. Assistant coach Joseph Anders reported that Greenwood had offers from seven teammates to help alleviate the pain.

If you don’t know a method that helps alleviate the pain from a jellyfish sting, you can Google it or go back and watch the fourth season premiere of the television show, “Friends,” titled, “The One With the Jellyfish.”

Lunch also was a bit different. It consisted of the following: A big plate of pasta (the main course first). When everyone on the team was finished with that, the wait staff brought out a big plate of vegetables. When everyone finished with that, the wait staff served french fries. When that was finished, the wait staff brought out salad. Most of the team were full after the pasta.

A four-hour bus ride to Florence ensued. Maddie Muraida was prepared with a stack of DVDs that the team could watch on the bus along the way. But she wasn’t prepared for the fact that the American DVDs don’t work in this region (it’s some kind of coding issue).

Fortunately, the team’s tour guide, Richard (a lad from London who has done an amazing job with the team), had a copy of “Gladiator” at the ready.

Unfortunately, the DVD was scratched and the movie was scratched about a half-hour in. Not to fear; he also brought a copy of the aptly titled “The Italian Job.”

The players were excited at the prospects of watching a movie starring Mark Wahlberg. However, the movie that Richard brought was Wahlberg remake but the 1960s original that starred Michael Caine.

The team arrived in Florence at about 6:30 p.m. and had a late, 7:30 p.m. dinner. The time doesn’t sound late, but in Italy, the meals come in courses, and they don’t come all at once. In fact, there is about a 15-minute wait or more for each course. None of the meals have consisted of fewer than three courses.

Coach Yvonne Sanchez chose to look at the bright side of the extended-time meals: It allows the members of the team to converse with each other more and build in team camaraderie and chemistry.

The team will spend the morning through lunchtime in Florence tomorrow before moving on to Rome for the last two-plus days of the tour. UNM is scheduled to play the Netherland National Team on Tuesday and Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. (10:30 a.m. Mountain Time).