Getting to Know: Senior Manon De Roey
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  04/17/2014

SENIOR MANON DE ROEY:  Manon will leave New Mexico with at least two collegiate wins in her golf bag, but she still has a title to defend at the Mountain West Championships.   She also won the Col. Wollenberg’s  CSU Ram Classic in Fort Collins last year.

 Manon has played 114 rounds as a Lobo with 19 par or better rounds and a career-best 18 holes of 68. Manon is coming off her best 54 holes of the 2014 spring season with a fifth-place finish at the Silverado Showdown.   Here hometown is Schilde, Belgium.

Other hobbies?  Field hockey, snow skiing, scuba diving.

Favorite Food?  Steak & chicken.

Favorite Dessert?  Belgium Chocolate Cake.

Red or Green?  Green.

Movies, TV or Book?   Movies.

Two reasons you became a Lobo?  The facilities and I like the color red.

One thing you like about being a D-I athlete?  We get to fly to tournaments in nice places.

What do you miss most about home?  The food, my boxer, Bruno, and speaking my own language (Flemish) more.

Biggest Improvement as a golfer?   My positive thinking on the course.

Advice to freshmen?  Be super organized and enjoy the best time of your life.

One thing nobody knows about you?  I had a near-death experience after getting hit in the chest with a volleyball that had been kicked and I got knocked out and swallowed my tongue.

Two words that describe you?  Social and fun-loving.

Favorite song?  Don’t Stop Me Now, by Queen.

Favorite sports Movie?  Tin Cup, but it’s frustrating.

Favorite TV show?  Friends.

Favorite non-sports movie?  Hunger Games.

If I could change one thing about myself I….  Would be taller.

My golf goals are?  Defend my Mountain West title and go to the NCAA Tournament.

If I won the lottery I would? Make a world trip.

One city or country I would like to visit?  South Africa

My biggest turn off about people? Selfishness.

Ice cream or yogurt? Yogurt

Dogs or cats? Dogs

Chocolate or vanilla?  Vanilla.

Hamburgers or hot dogs?  Hamburgers

Jewelry or no jewelry?   Jewelry.