UNM-Colorado State Postgame Quotes
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  11/16/2013

UNM head coach Bob Davie

On the offense …

“First of all, there were a lot of positives, offensively with some of the throws that were made, some of the catches that was made, some of the individual efforts out there. Cole had the two interceptions in the first half, he didn’t return. Jamal Price went out in the first half and didn’t return. But offensively there were a lot of positives, and again with the kicking game there were a lot of positives. That was a team that was number one in conference in kickoff returns coming in. We had a big kickoff return and then they tried to squib, pooch, everything with their kickoff team to try to get good field position. “

On the defense…

 “Defensively, I feel for our guys. I appreciate the effort on defense. People may certainly have the right to be cynical when I say that and they certainly can. I understand that, when you give up 66 points and 600 yards. But, you know it is going to take time. The reality of what this is, is pretty apparent. I looked out there, Bowers didn’t play a whole lot, Fatu (Ulale) didn’t play a whole lot. We had four linebackers out at the same time when Rainey went down. But a lot of positive things, even though we couldn’t stop them. Some guys didn’t practice all week and played and that didn’t turn out too well. “

On positives…

“I’m proud of these kids. I certainly would understand if people didn’t see that but I certainly did. There were so many young kids out there, Teriyon Gipson and some of the things he did, (Dameon) Gamblin returning the kick. At the end, it was disappointing.

On what is next…

There are still two big games against two great offensive teams, so we know what is ahead of us. I feel for the seniors who walked off the field. Credit Colorado State, that’s a good football team, especially on offense.

On the status of QB Cole Gautsche and Kasey Carrier…

“Cole, we are not sure, at halftime he was throwing up. We don’t know if he was concussed or if he was just sick. Kasey, the same thing, he took a shot and didn’t return. Rainey we think will be okay. We were pretty thin there for a while.”

UNM Player Quotes

Jacori Greer:

On not making a bowl game…

“It’s frustrating because this year last year is the closest we’ve ever been. Being my last year knowing I only have two games left, it’s really tough. At the same time, we’re young and we’re building something. It’s going to take a little time but the effort’s there. That’s a positive for me as a senior leaving is that the efforts there. Guys aren’t quitting. They’re trying to fight. It’s just a matter of doing your technique all the time.”

 On what UNM needed to do to get the win…

“I think it’s just consistency. It’s down after down. Like (coach Davie) said early on in the first half, we were stopping the run. It was nothing but outside zone stretch we’ve been seeing all week in practice. Guys are fitting it up in practice. It’s one guy getting cut or one guy not being in the right spot. They hit us, they creased us. I don’t think it was just them banging us, it was the big plays – our Achilles’ heel this whole time,  since I’ve been here.”

 On CSU running back Kapri Bibbs…

“He was a strong guy. Good runner and physical. But to be honest it wasn’t him, it was his offensive line. Number 70 did a great job and he was the best center I played against this whole year. I was trying to hold my own in there and I did okay. I was hanging in there, but he’s a good, physical center. They were good together; they’re solid. No weakness it was just a solid group of guys. Our D-line is solid but they wore us down.”

Dillon Farrell

On rushing for 278 yards…

“As an offensive line we take pride in moving people. Moving people against their will. That’s really what our job description is. Anytime we get rushed for over 200 yards against the defense that’s always awesome, always fun but the big things get in the way. Especially on senior night. That’s something that we really wanted.”

On having family support at the game for Senior Day…

“Some of them haven’t got to see me play a whole lot. It meant a lot to me to see them before the game, I was doing okay until I saw them on the field and it kind of got real that this is my last home game as a Lobo. That’s tough. That’s tough to face that reality because I see where our program is heading and I really love it. And I really would love to be a part of it longer, but unfortunately I’m just a little piece of this giant puzzle. I’ve got to do my job and help create the rest of the program.”

 On 42 points and what coach Davie sees:

“It’s tough to say potential because potential doesn’t mean action and it can go either way and I see exactly what coach Davie is saying. The guys that are new here, they don’t really understand maybe what’s been in the past. I appreciate what the coaching staff has done and continues to do, and I see exactly what coach Davie is talking about. I’m excited for the future of this program whether it involves me or not. New Mexico is going to be having some great football around here for a while.”

On the quarterback play…

“I think Cole played a heck of a game. Like coach Davie has said you’ve seen how Cole has developed. He’s leaps and bounds from where he was last year and I think it says a lot about Clayton to step in the second half and play the way he did. That’s tough.”


 Colorado State coach Greg McElwain

 Opening statement...

 “We knew going in and talked about first part of the week that it is important that our offense scored every time they had it. I was really proud and we attacked that mission all week. We gave one up at half and we had to punt and settled for a field goal, but other than that I was proud of how they did. Obviously, our special teams had to get things organized and gave up that big play that allowed them (UNM) to get a cheap one back and back on track. We had to make them earn it and we didn’t, but with that, I am happy we are starting to learn how to travel. We are winning on the road a little bit, and that is important with developing this program and moving forward over the years. I am proud of our guys. We gutted out a good win.”

On Kapri Biggs’ record-setting game....

“I just love how Kapri attacks every play like it has a history and life of its own. That is really what great players do. They don’t care about what the score is and don’t care about situation. I thought his best run was the fourth-down run we had when he was hit in the backfield and stopped a little bit at the line of scrimmage, moved the ball forward and got us a fourth down. That was probably the biggest run that he had all day. He is playing pretty good.”

 On the importance of this game...

 “I was proud of the offense because they knew that we were struggling in the other two phases, special teams and defense. They had that swagger every time they got in the huddle; “coach we are going to make something happen; don’t worry about it”. That is good. They didn’t really shoot themselves with negative plays. They had a little swagger going, and I liked that.”

 On the Lobo offense without Gautsche and Carrier....

 “They did what they needed to do when they came in and they still were hitting creases. I think that is a credit to the system and they will recruit to that system. I told Bob after the game that we were going to spend a lot of time in the off season studying on how to get this handled because that was embarrassing.”

On the offense...

“I thought it was good. Dave (offensive coordinator Baldwin) does a great job with putting the game plan together that will give us an angle here or there and a way that we can take advantage. I thought we mixed it up well so they couldn’t just sit at the line of scrimmage. Ideally, I would love to have the same amount of passing yards that we do running yards because then I know that we are keeping guys off balance.”

 On the defense in the fourth quarter...

 “They did their job. At the end of the day they were playing and getting thundered. There was no confidence and no juice, they were just hanging on. That fourth down was a huge relief, especially for the two inside linebackers that made the tackle. We could feel like we finally did something.”

 On becoming one step closer toward  bowl eligibility....

 “It feels good. Our guys deserve it, and they should be proud of what they have done. We threw some games away early this year and to not step back but continue to work shows a lot about what we are building. We are coming to work, and today is an important day that we have and what can we do to get better today? I told our guys that when we get in there and have a chance to look at it there are only two things that are going to happen. You’ll either get better or you’ll get worse because no one stays in the same. I think that the way we are playing, they are starting to get that.”

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