Dante Caro at pep rally
Dante Caro at pep rally
Stevens: Lobos Are Fired Up To Beat The Aggies
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  10/03/2013

 New Mexico Lobos Football vs. New Mexico State Aggies

When/Where: 5 p.m., (MT) Saturday – Branch Field – University Stadium

On The Air: ROOT Sports (TV); 770-AM KKOB/Lobo Radio Network, ESPN Deportes (1450-AM)

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By Richard Stevens -- Senior Writer/GoLobos.com 

A New Mexico State Aggie was torched Thursday night.  Lobo Kasey Carrier put the flames to the helpless Aggie as thousands of New Mexico students cheered and writhed to the beat of primitive music that rocked the fields East of Johnson Center.

OK, maybe the music wasn’t primitive, but it was loud, rhythmically enticing, and hypnotically in tune to the theme of the night which was pretty much a ritual celebrating the anticipated demise of Aggies on the football field.

Hey, when you burn something or someone in effigy, you aren’t exactly wishing them well.

The fiery scene was captivating and maybe could have been plucked out of William Golding’s “Lord of The Flies.”  For sure, there was a primitive aspect to the way Lobo Louie danced and gyrated in front of the blazing Aggie as Lobo students cheered in approval. This was a wolf howling at a symbolic moon in anticipation of an upcoming feast.

Of course, the Aggie aflame was an Aggie burnt in effigy. The caricature of the Aggie mascot – Pistol Pete -- was made of wire and 20,000-plus tissues and some other stuff that went up in flames quickly and well.

The Lobo football team was on hand for the burning and joined the mass of Lobo students, who watched Pistol Pete go up – and down – in flames for about half an hour.  The fire department was there, too – just in case Pete decided to attack a nearby dorm.

Prior to Carrier putting the torch to this papery Pistol Pete, Lobo Coach Bob Davie spoke to the mass of students about the upcoming game, introduced his 2013 captains and also introduced some New Mexico born-and-raised Lobos.

The Lobo players also spoke to the crowd and although different words were used the message was pretty much the same:  The Lobos badly want to beat the Aggies come 5 p.m., Saturday on Branch Field.

This bonfire theme built around the burning of some symbol is an appropriate one for a New Mexico/New Mexico State game that dates back to the 1893 season.  The bonfire is an old tradition. It dates back to a political/religious uproar in England in the 1600s.

The Texas A&M Aggie bonfire is one of the more storied ones in college football and dates back to 1909.  Those Aggies from College Station pull out the flame to symbolize their burning desire to beat the Longhorns of Texas.

The bonfires or burning a symbol in effigy also are traditions at high schools across the nation prior to big games or homecoming games. Fire is part of our roots and you figure that mankind has gathered around fires for centuries dreaming about things they want to come to pass.

The Lobos want a victory over New Mexico State on Saturday.

The burning of Pistol Pete symbolized that desire, but Lobo Coach Bob Davie also emphasized to the gathering mass another important element they needed to bring to the game.

Their warm bodies – on Saturday.