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Kristine Sweat
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(Editor's Note: This journal entry comes from junior forward Kristine Sweat. Sweat currently leads the team with three goals. This journal is her take on New Mexico's road trips and away games during the regular season.)

Kristine Sweat Journal Entry

Sept. 21, 2005

Our first road games…bring so much anticipation it's unbelievable. I wish I just had soccer to worry about, but school is supposed to be my number one priority. Of course most of my classes all have tests on that Thursday or Friday that we're gone, so it makes for a lot of emails to teachers on when to make them up. But really its not so bad missing a few days of class!!

Wednesdays night practice is shorter then usual, probably because we have to meet at the field at 8am the next morning to go to the airport. Playing games in other states is fun…the actual traveling and flying is not! We all carpool over to the airport, check in and then sit and wait 2 hours before our flight leaves. Were actually waiting for the plane longer then we are on it…that's kind of funny!! So once we land in Tucson AZ, it's on to vans, you would think two 10 passenger vans would be enough but nope, most of the time we are like sardines!

We pass the hotel and head strait to lunch. None of us can handle not eating for more than like 2 hours! One of the hands down best things about being on the road is the free food and it's good too! Every time we walk into a restaurant I can see the workers eyes get huge...I really don't know why there's only 22 of us players and like 5 adults!!

Next it's off to the hotel. Our rooms were ready rather quickly and I am roommates with Bridgette Sanchez. This is nothing new for me, although in the past we have never roomed together we are always partners and play together in games.

We have a training session at 6pm on the game field; we did lots of shooting, and some possession. After training we went to Olive Garden, and ate sooo much food. It is one of our favorite places to go the day before a game. Then back to the hotel for some well needed sleep after a long day of traveling!!

Game Day Morning: We all meet in the lobby to walk around the corner for bagels; everyone knows what there bodies can handle on game day. After breakfast we head to our rooms to do some "homework" which I don't think anyone actually does…it's just too hard to start focusing on the game and on homework. Around 1:30 is lunch, we all head to Jason's Deli, where once again the wide eyed workers greet our group with a not so sincere smile. We all order and soon enough there is complete chaos at the pick-up counter. They have all our orders mixed up and no tags on some of the items. Oh well that sort of stuff seems to happen all the time with big groups.

6pm: Game Time vs. Cal State Fullerton
8pm: Game over, an awful game against a good team. We were a mess, I don't know what it was, but hopefully it's our only bad game and its now out of our system!

Saturday is a day for recovering from the game on Friday and preparing for Sunday's game. Most players do homework, get treatment, and we all go practice in the 100 degree Arizona heat!!

We wake up Sunday morning and have breakfast in the hotel, and then we all must pack everything, which takes awhile since I have clothes and soccer stuff everywhere!! We meet for our pre game talk, and then it's off to the fields. Our game was against University of Arizona, who was then ranked number 22 in the nation. We played extremely well and had some great chances to score, it was 1-1 at the end of regulation so then we had 2 ten minute overtimes. Both teams battled extremely hard and we each held the score. U of A is good, but we could have beat them…its ok will get um next time!!

We are rushed into the vans so we can shower and get to the airport ASAP, time to fly back home! It's a sigh of relief having a road trip under our belts, time to prepare for the next one!!