Quotes From Lobo All-American Jeremy Johnson
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  06/09/2007
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics

June 9, 2007

(on earning the title "All-American"):
"It feels great. It's been a huge goal of mine and to finally accomplish it is a great feeling."

(on having to lead the race early):
"Yeah, nobody was pushing the pace, so I decided to step up and take the lead. I led for about 15 laps before the pace started to pick up and people finally started making some moves. Then that last mile we just started hammering. I've been in races like that before, so it wasn't anything new. You just had to wait and be patient until somebody makes that move. You knew it was coming, but just not exactly when."

(on the surge over the final mile):
"I was feeling good, so I was pretty stoked with a mile to go. I was in the mix, feeling good and just tried to savor that moment."

(on defeating Mountain West Conference rival Josh Rohatinsky of BYU for the first time):
"Josh has been beating me all year, so it was nice to finally give him one back. But you know, Josh is just a great, great runner. He's had a great year. He's run real fast in track and also being national champ (in cross country) is a big thing. So I give Josh props."

(on the 2007 outdoor season in general):
"Everything just fell together this season and that's what you dream of. After having bad luck for so long I think I appreciate it a bit more. It was wonderful season and wonderful to savor these moments with the Henry's especially. I'll definitely miss those guys as much as I could miss anybody.

(on his plans this summer)
"I'm going to talk to coach more about that. We might try to run the USA Championships in two weeks, but that's just more icing on the cake. [The NCAA Championships] was what I really wanted to focus on, we'll figure the rest out later on."