MBB vs San Diego State Quotes
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Release:  01/15/2011

Jan. 15, 2011

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UNM Head Coach Steve Alford Post-Game Quotes

Opening Statement:
"I thought our guys played with really good energy, I talked to them in the locker room, and I told them that I appreciate their effort. San Diego State is a really good team and they made shots. I don't know if they had made that many three's this year, and they had some good shots today. The guys did a really good job of following what we wanted them to do, and I though we worked hard. San Diego State is really good defensively, and today they were even better offensively, they're a very good basketball team. We have a difficult week ahead of us, so we have to figure out a couple of good things in practice on Monday and get ready before we hit the road."

"Talk about Drew Gordon's game." "We know how good Drew Gordon is. Today he had a double-double, which is his second straight, and he had it against a top ranked team. That's a special talent that he has."

SDSU Coach Steve Fisher and D.J. Gay

On making plays and keeping the lead around double digits:
Fisher: "I've said repeatedly that D.J. Gay is our most important player and I somewhat quantified it and probably made him mad by saying he is not our best player but he is our most important player. I said tonight after the game he's inching up to not being only our most important player but our best player. He (Gay) was fantastic. He plays with no fear, no agenda and could care less if he shoots it. He shot a lot tonight and played with a lot of intelligence and all of us coaches and players feed off of. And our ability when they rushed us and do what we did to maintain all starts with him."

On the half-court shot before half time and motivation:
Fisher: "It was a two-point game, he hits a three and hits a three-quarter court shot, it was huge and I told our players I said to be honest with you The Pit owed us one. (Darington) Hobson made one from further than that last year when we played them so I felt that it was justice in New Mexico."

Last year's game and having a career-high:
Gay: "You never forget having the ball in your hands to win the game and then missing the shot. I'm not going to lie it was definitely on my mind tonight when I played here. I am just lucky to be able to come out here and have a good game."

Pressure on having to hit outside and having to make shots:
Gay: "They (Lobos) definitely dared us to hit three's and we missed the first couple but it was just a matter of time before me and Chase and James got a comfort level to be able to knock down shots. Our bigs are a key part in our offense and we know that they are going to be doubled or do whatever they have to do to take them out of the game and it's our job to knock down open shots."

On having a second career high and what The Pit does to motivate you:
Gay: "I think it's the crowd. I love coming here and I love playing here. It is a great arena and great crowd. There are not many places that you can go to and not be able to hear the person who's standing five feet away from you. I just enjoy being here. We tried to silence the crowd."

On why the team is so effective:
Fisher: "It's called good players. It's called having good players that have found ways to go on the road and be effective. Obviously, this year we are veterans, we have five seniors who know what it's like and what is expected. They have been able to deliver. We have had good fortune and come in here and maybe gotten lucky at times but today was not luck. We were very good at both ends of the floor and found a way to get ourselves a nineteenth straight victory. New Mexico did not give us this game we earned it in a really good college basketball game on both sides."

UNM Players Post-Game Quotes
Dairese Gary and Drew Gordon

"How tough was the front line matchup?"
Gordon: "It wasn't too bad; I thought we were pretty evenly matched."

"How was it for them to be hitting shots from the outside?"
Gordon: "We did our job of stopping it inside, however they were very strong from the outside. It was very difficult to try and change the game plan during the course of the game, but we did the best we could."

"Are you still far from where you can be as a team?"
Gordon: "Tonight was a hint of how good we can be, we played really well except for short periods of time when they would go on runs, which really hurt us. But today we played well, we played up tempo, and the only place we can go from here is up."

"What do you think of the effort tonight against such a good team?"
Gordon: "I think it was a good effort, some of our younger kids got intimidated playing such a high-ranked team, in front of such a big crowd, but they did alright for their first time in this environment. We need to play harder and execute better, and I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of team we will have in the future."

"Describe how hard it was to stop the guards from shooting when they were wide open."
Gary: "It was tough, once somebody gets going like that, they will start hitting shots no matter what you try and do to stop them."

Is this the most talented team you've played the four years you've been here?
Gary: "I've played against some pretty good teams, and this is a pretty well rounded team. They've been playing together for a really long time, and they complement each other so well that it's hard to beat a team like that."

"What do you think of the way Drew is progressing?"
Gary: "I think he's doing great, he's giving us a presence inside and helping us with both rebounding and scoring. He's giving us what we need."