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Postgame Quotes: New Mexico vs. Boise State
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  02/04/2012

Feb. 4, 2012

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Boise State 68, New Mexico 64
Feb. 4, 2011 - The Pit
Postgame quotes

New Mexico head coach Yvonne Sanchez

Opening Statement...

"It was an exciting game. It was a good game. Probably from a fan standpoint-except for the end-it was a good game. I know you have a lot of questions."

On the "formula" the Lobos need to finish the game and get the win...
"The formula is really taking care of the ball. Again, we did a lot of good things, but 20 turnovers is just not going to cut it. We had 10 in the first half and they didn't even really press us in the first half. It was getting the ball up, down to the front court, and then getting a travel, or-I don't know if we got any illegal screens or not, those are turnovers, but I just put them aside. I know those are going to happen in the offense that we run, but just needless travels, needless throwing the ball away-we've got to correct that. I know it's been November since I've been saying that, but we've got to correct it and we've got to keep working on it. People are going to press us. The press isn't hurting us as much as when we get in the front court and then we're in a big hurry. I can remember two or three possessions-just in transition alone-where we tried to jump stop and then we one-two'd and got called for a travel. We've got to get better at that."

On missed layups and other close shots...
"Yeah, I didn't even bring that up to the team, but that's a good point. We had a lot of that. We missed a lot of easy shots. We also gave them a lot of opportunities. I look down and points-off-turnovers, they had 15 and we had 10. You look at it right there-we missed five free throws and we lose by four points. There's a lot of things there-I credit the players. We were down nine points with about 3:50 left and I tell you what, it could've gone either way. It could've gone, hey, we're going to fight and claw back, or shoot, we might lose by 15 points. They fought and clawed back and gave us an opportunity to at least be in a position to win. We've asked that from them all season long. We just didn't finish. At the end I told them, it's pretty typical we did a decent job boxing out, but they missed a layup at the end of the game-about 12 seconds left-and they get the offensive rebound."

On not fouling at the end...
"I have no idea why they didn't foul, because they were supposed to. You know-it was 12 seconds left, and then they kicked it out and at that point you just have you concede it. I think a lot of it was that our players were still in the backcourt because they had thrown it ahead, so when the Boise State player went up for a layup it was just Nikki (Nelson) and that player and then (Lauren) Lenhardt came in and grabbed that offensive rebound so it was just Lenhardt, (Heather) Pilcher and Nikki and everybody had to scramble from the backcourt to the frontcourt, and by time they got there, there were four seconds left and it was just tough."

On what it's like mentally to keep losing close games...
"It's tough. You go in the locker room and we talk about some of the things we could've done better. You know, Boise State is a pretty good team and we did a nice job on our offense. It's really hard-they're close losses, but we do some really good things. Then again, on the other side, we have 20 turnovers and we have to start cleaning those things up if we want to win."

On the rollercoaster performance of the Lobos...
"That's exactly it. You go back and try to figure it out. I tell you what, among all that-and you're absolutely right-these kids have never quit. As hard as it is losing close games, and even games that we got beat quite a bit, as long as they keep their heads up and put themselves still in that position-we're going to sneak by a couple of teams."

On Nikki Nelson...
"Nikki has been asked to do a lot this year. She did have a tough game and you know, she'd probably come in and admit she had a tough game. Having really only one point guard for the entire season, she has shouldered the burden the entire time and that is tough for her. Nikki gives it her all the entire time. She goes 100%. She'll make mistakes-she did today, as the team did, but I can't fault Nikki for her effort or her hustle, and I won't. It's just one of those things you have to clean up a little bit.

"You go and watch film with her and show her things she could maybe do better. You watch film as a team. You put your arm around her and you say, 'Hey, you're fine.' Understand that one player, one person, one play doesn't lose a game. Obviously one play can win a game, one shot can win a game, but one shot definitely doesn't lose a game. She's done a lot of good things for us. It is a little bit of a rut for us, so we've just got to get her some confidence back."

On Boise State's Lauren Lenherdt's 16 points in the second half being the difference maker of this game...
"She was the difference in the second half. She was in foul trouble the first half, but the second half she comes in and-you know, she's a heck of a player. She's averaging 20 points and she shoots 54% from the three-point line, so you know any time she is on the bench, it's good. But she was pretty smart to stay out of foul trouble the second half. She ended the game with only those two fouls, so we didn't go at her well enough. She did a nice job of coming off stagger screens. She has a nice shot and she definitely was the difference."

On Boise State's Nicole Brady making up for Lenherdt's absence in the first half...
"Brady is a good player and people don't understand that this kid had 30 points in a game this year. I think she hit five or six threes and it was a non-conference game. When we were scouting them the first time and I was watching film and looking at their stats-she's a nice player and she's a nice three-point player. I think what has helped him (Boise State head coach Gordy Presnell) is that he has put number 24, Kati Isham, back at the point so now he has Brady at the three-guard, and she's a hard matchup for a lot of teams. You have the two post players-and one who can really step out and shoot the three (Lenhardt)-inside, and then you have a nice driver (Pilcher) on the other side, who got to the rim and she had a nice game as well. Well, I say that now, but she was 1-for-9, but Boise State is a good team and they're better than their record indicates. Again, it was a close game at the end, a game we could've won and a game that, had we not had 20 turnovers, it might have been a different story."

On whether or not the enthusiasm from the Air Force win has been subdued, even though a majority of the remaining games are home...
"It can't. We can't. We have a set back today, but we'll go to Wyoming and have a week off. I think it's going to be good for the players to have a couple of days off this week. I think it's going to be good for them to just-I mean, they're still pretty nipped and beat up, and they're going to be the entire season and by no means is that any excuse-but it will be good for them to get a couple of days off. We'll work on Wyoming on Monday and Tuesday, and we'll have Wednesday off and we're going to take tomorrow off as well. We'll see if we can't go get a win in Laramie."

Comments on a play that came in the second half when the Lobos were only down by five and they turned the ball over and sparked a 14-2 Boise State run...
"Yeah, it was one of those things where again, you're right there and then something happens within our 20 turnovers. You see the kids, in some respect, they go-alright, we're down five points and then we have a turnover, they hit a three-pointer, they get an and-one, or they do whatever and you see the shoulders shrugging a little bit and the head goes down. The biggest thing we had to do was just fight through it. I didn't realize it was a 14-2 run, but again, you put that all in perspective and you lose by four points. Those are some of the things we could've overcome."

Player Quotes

Junior Caroline Durbin, 27 points, 3 Rebounds:

On BSU's Nicole Brady's first half play...
"No, we know she's a shooter, she was very hot in the first half obviously and we just need to do a better job of identifying where she is on the floor and talking to our teammates about where she is, we didn't do that very well in the first half."

On communication breakdowns...
"Throughout the game we would have occasional breakdowns communication-wise that led to some shots for them that they knocked down, unfortunately."

On coming back from 15 down...
"It seemed like they just kept hitting all their shots but, you know, we said 'we have plenty of time still, we can still make a comeback,' and that's we did. We just tried to make every possession count."

Senior Porche Torrance, 17 points, 15 rebounds:

On the aggressiveness of BSU post players...
"Well when we went there, they were extremely aggressive, especially the post players down low. So this past week we've been working on getting in front of them, not letting them get in position down low, and just being physical back. You can't just let them run all over you down low in the paint. You just have to be more aggressive."

On the frustration level of the team...
"You know as a team we are frustrated. We started off preseason pretty well with some wins and then conference came and the [losing] streak just kept going and going. We finally thought that we kind of got back on track against Air Force, but you're not always going to have a winning season. We just have to keep our confidence up and play as a team, and every time we go out on the court we just have to give our all and keep playing. We still have Vegas, we've got conference tournament to play so, we can't just give up now and we're not going to give up now."

On the inconsistency of team play...
"I think sometimes like, the momentum of the game, they had it, the flow and then we would try to get into the flow of them. We just need to play our game and keep the pace instead of just going high-low high-low. If we keep the pace, I think that will limit our turnovers and we'll be able to score more on the offensive end."

On the shots not falling in the second half after offensive rebounds...
"I think I wasn't being patient down low, I was kind of rushing my shot. In the first half I thought I was more patient and relaxed so I need to just up-fake like we worked on all week, get in the air, draw the foul and get to the free-throw line. I think I was trying to rush and get the shot up instead of taking my time, and that made a huge difference."

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