BYU vs. UNM Post-Game Quotes
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  03/01/2011

March 1, 2011

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UNM Head Coach Don Flanagan
UNM Players Amanda Best and Jessica Kielpinski

Opening Statement

"We didn't execute our offense as well as we should have. I felt like they were the best team in the conference and I think they affirmed that today. We allowed players to get opportunities as well. We are not contestant three-point shooters. We just did not have enough scoring."

On the seniors last game

"Usually we win this game. The game is over. They are seniors their playing at home is over. It doesn't mean that much if you win or lose. It is looking back on the entire career."

On BYU's three-point shooting

"They executed very well. Everything was going in. It has to be something that we are concerned with. They run their offense very well. They are the most disciplined and most talented team in the league."

Are they any mixed emotions for you tonight, having just loss and had senior night?

Best: "Yes, you always want to win games, especially this one being our last game in The Pit. The emotions are there, but above all, I'm happy that I got to experience this so I'm looking at everything positively."

How emotional was this night for you?

Kielpinski: "It was extremely emotional. The game carried over into everything afterward, and realizing that it's your last game was weird. I think I put a lot more pressure on myself to play, and it was just a normal game. I should've done a better job at keeping my composure."

Was there a point where it really hit you that this was your last game?

Kielpinski: "I think it really hit me at the start of the second half. When I was frustrated with myself, I wanted to do things from the bench, and you can't really do that so that's when it hit me."

Best: "I'm not really an emotional type of person, so I didn't think about it too much. I didn't see it as being my very last game."

How fun has it been playing in The Pit in front of all the fans?

Best: "It has been a once in a lifetime opportunity, not many people get to experience the passion of the fans we have. We rank seventh in the nation for attendance so there is only six other schools that have the fans we have. It's like we're playing professional basketball, we may have even more fans than some WNBA teams so it's been amazing."

Kielpinski: "It's been phenomenal. When we go to others schools it's kind of hard to get ready to go for the games because it's not the same atmosphere. But when all the fans are here and cheering you on for every play it's an adrenaline rush. I'm happy I met everybody on the team and that things fell in to place."