Lobos Field Team of 11 Athletes for 2012 NCAA Ski Championships
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics  
Release:  02/28/2012
Courtesy: New Mexico Athletics

Feb. 28, 2012

INDIANAPOLIS – The University of New Mexico ski team will send 11 skiers to the 2012 NCAA Ski Championships, as announced by the NCAA on Feb. 28.

The Lobos have gotten hot at the right time. Besides, qualifying 11 skiers, just one short of a full squad, they have been ranked No. 5 in the NCAA power rankings by Skiracing Magazine going into the NCAA’s.

Lobos that made the NCAA field:

Men's Alpine - junior Armin Triendl, junior Chris Acosta and freshman Michael Bansmer

Women's Alpine - junior Linn Klaesson, freshman Clara Chauvet and freshman Anni Nord

Women's Nordic - senior Stefanie Demetz, junior Mary Rachel Hostetter and junior Kate Williams

Men's Nordic - freshman Sjur Prestseater and sophomore Christian Otto

C.J Freehan of Skiracing Magazine offered this take on the Lobos:

  • The Lobos are the only team unable to qualify a full 12-skier roster to still make the Power Rankings. They'll be running 11 gunners in Montana, missing one male Nordic skier. But their rallying performance at RMISA Championships, including a miraculous surge by their alpine squads, means they have their head in the game for the post-season. They've been racing with only three alpine females all winter, so the team restriction at NCAAs shouldn’t feel very restrictive at all. Alaska was the only other team in the nation to qualify a full roster, but they have drastically fallen off in performance since their early season success, so the Lobos steal the spot with their passion and verve.

A total of 68 athletes, including the Lobos 11, were announced as participants from Rocky Mountain Intercollegiate Ski Association member institutions for the 2012 NCAA Championships. The 68 athletes from the RMISA are the maximum allowed under current NCAA rules and regulations. 

By rule, with six NCAA member institutions in the RMISA, each of the four disciplines is allowed the maximum allotment of 17 skiers. Each school can qualify a maximum of three student-athletes for each discipline, meaning the maximum allotment is one skier short of a full team in each discipline. 

The number of qualifiers is determined each season by the NCAA based on past performance at NCAA Championships. Because of the RMISA’s recent dominant performances at NCAA Championships, the full allotment has been allocated for RMISA schools. 

In all, RMISA schools will be four athletes short of full squads. Alaska Anchorage, Colorado and Utah qualified full 12-skier teams while both Montana State and New Mexico will be one skier short with 11 skiers and Denver will be two skiers short with 10. Denver will be short one skier in women’s alpine and women’s Nordic while Montana State will be short one on the men’s alpine side and New Mexico one on the men’s Nordic side. 

RMISA NCAA Qualifiers 

Men’s Nordic (17 total; by overall seed, freestyle and classic seeds in parentheses) – Alaska Anchorage 3, Colorado 3, Denver 3, Montana State 3, Utah 3, New Mexico 2
. Rune Oedegaard, Colorado (1/1); 2. David Norris, Montana State (3/2); 3. Miles Havlick, Utah (2/3); 4. Didrik Smith, Utah (4/4); 5. Tyler Reinking, Montana State (5/6); 6. Andrew Dougherty, Denver (6/9); 7. Vegard Kjoelhamar, Colorado (9/7); 8. Andreas Hoye, Colorado (11/5); Tom Smith, Utah (8/13); 10. Michael Schallinger, Montana State (7/15); 11. Lasse Molgaard-Nielsen, Alaska Anchorage (16/10); 12. Trygve Markset, Denver (14/12); 13. Lukas Ebner, Alaska Anchorage (13/14); 14. Sjur Prestseater, New Mexico (25/11); 17. Nevio Zeni, Alaska Anchorage (21/23). Alternates: Reid Pletcher, Colorado (10/8); Rolf Figi, Utah (12/19); Ian Mallams, Colorado (15/18); Sawyer Kissleheim, Montana State (18/20); Patrick Madden, Montana State (19/21). 

Women’s Nordic (17 total; by overall seed, freestyle and classical seeds in parentheses)—Alaska Anchorage 3, Colorado 3, Montana State 3, New Mexico 3, Utah 3, Denver 2
1. Eliska Hajkova, Colorado (2/1); 2. Maria Graefnings, Utah (1/2); 3. Jaime Bronga, Alaska Anchorage (3/3); 4. Joanne Reid, Colorado (4/11); 5. Linn Klaesson, New Mexico (5/7); 6. Kate Dolan, Denver (8/4); 7. Rose Kemp, Utah (7/6); 8. Laura Rombach, Alaska Anchorage (9/5); 9. Ase Carlson, Montana State (11/9); 10. Steffi Hiemer, Alaska Anchorage (10/10); 11. Parker Tyler, Utah (15/8); 12. Jessica Yeaton, Montana State (11/9); 13. Clara Chauvet, New Mexico (6/22); 14. Makalya Cappel, Denver (14/12); 15. Casey Kutz, Montana State (13/17); 16. Anni Nord, New Mexico (17/14); 17. Mary Rose, Colorado (20/13). Alternates: None. 

Men’s Alpine (17 total; by overall seed, giant slalom and slalom seeds in parentheses)—Alaska Anchorage 3, Colorado 3, Denver 3, New Mexico 3, Utah 3, Montana State 2
1. Nick Cohee, Utah (1/13); 2. Espen Lysdahl, Denver (3/2); Adam Zika, Colorado (2/11); 4. Armin Triendl, New Mexico (4/3); 5. Torjus Krogdahl, Utah (19/4); 6. Max Lamb, Colorado (18/5); 7. Ryan Wilson, Utah (5/10); 8. Chris Acosta, New Mexico (17/6); 9. Andreas Haug, Colorado (6/23); 10. Andreas Adde, Alaska Anchorage (7/16); 11. Niko Harmanen, Alaska Anchorage (8/17); 12. Michael Bransmer, New Mexico (9/12); 13. Max Marno, Denver (12/14); 14. Mike Radford, Montana State, Montana State (14/19); 15. Charlie Reynolds, Denver (25/15); 16. Sean Alexander, Alaska Anchorage (15/21); 17. Geoff Irwin, Montana State (16/28). Alternates: Trevor Philp, Denver (13/1); Fletcher McDonald, Colorado (30/7); Joonas Rasanen, New Mexico (26/8); Juho-Pekka Penttinen, New Mexico (35/9); Luke Laidlaw, Denver (10/30); Tim Hribar, Utah (11/34). 

Women’s Alpine (17 total; by overall seed, giant slalom and slalom seeds in parentheses)—Alaska Anchorage 3, Colorado 3, Montana State 3, New Mexico 3, Utah 3, Denver 2
1. Sterling Grant, Denver (19/1); 2. Tii-Maria Romar, Utah (1/4); 3. Julie Bordeau, Utah (3/2); 4. Anna Kocken, Utah (7/3); 5. Erika Ghent, Colorado (4/6); 6. Stefanie Demetz, New Mexico (13/5); 7. Katie Hartman, Colorado (5/8); 8. Carolina Nordh, Colorado (14/7); 9. Anais Urbain, Alaska Anchorage (8/25); 10. Devin Delaney, Denver (12/9); 11. Alexandra Parker, Alaska Anchorage (9/14); 12. Mary Rachel Hostetter, New Mexico (17/10); 13. Vanessa Berther, Alaska Anchorage (10/20); 14. Marissa Riopelle, Montana State (23/11); 15. Kate Williams (11/13); 16. Stephanie Irwin, Montana State (21/12); 17. Kelly McBroom, Montana State (15/17). Alternates: Shane McLean, Colorado (2/18); Jamie DuPratt, Utah (6/23); Jenny Allen, Colorado (16/15). 

Other Regions 

EISA and CCSA NCAA Qualifiers 

Along with the three RMISA schools qualifying a full team, both Dartmouth and Vermont qualified full teams out of the East while New Hampshire qualified 10 skiers and Middlebury nine. From the central region, which only sponsors Nordic skiing, Northern Michigan is the only team who qualified a full six skiers while Alaska Fairbanks qualified five.