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All of the telephone numbers listed below are in AREA CODE 505.

Department MAILING Address:
[Staff Member and/or Department Name]
The University of New Mexico Lobos
Colleen J. Maloof Administration Building
1 University of New Mexico
MSC04 2680
Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001
Department SHIPPING Address:
[Staff Member and/or Department Name]
The University of New Mexico Lobos
Colleen J. Maloof Administration Building
1414 University Boulevard SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106
Administration FAX: 925-5534 or 925-5509
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Paul Krebs Vice-President, Athletics 925-5510 P. Krebs
Tim Cass Chief Operating Officer 925-5508 T. Cass
Janice Ruggiero Senior Associate AD/Administration & Senior Women's Administrator 277-5067 ruggiero@unm.edu
Kurt Esser Senior Associate AD 925-5544 kesser@unm.edu
Brad Hutchins Senior Associate AD/ Marketing & Revenue 925-5606 hutchins@unm.edu
Henry Villegas Associate AD/Student Development 277-1732 hvillega@unm.edu
Lee De Leon Associate AD/Development 925-2582 lee.deleon@unmfund.org
Amy Neel Faculty Representative 277-7084 atneel@unm.edu
Rita Chavez Exec Asst to VP for Athletics 925-5502 rita@unm.edu
Norma Bojorquez Assistant to Chief Operating Officer 925-5500 normaj@unm.edu
Rudy Davalos Athletics Director Emeritus    
Admissions FAX: 277-6809
Name Title Phone E-Mail
TBA Admissions Specialist 277-7610  
Lobo Center for Student-Athlete Success FAX: 272-7122
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Henry Villegas

Associate AD / Student Development Football, Golf

277-1732 hvillega@unm.edu
Quinton Freeman Assistant AD / Student Development
Skiing, Tennis, Women's Golf, Men's Soccer, Baseball
277-6537 qfreeman@unm.edu
Faith Mikalonis Student Success Manager
Women's Soccer, Men's Golf Swimming & Diving, Volleyball, SAAC, Life Skills
277-8963 fmikalon@unm.edu
Brian Ferguson Student Success Manager
Cross Country/Track & Field, Women's Basketball
277-0721 bferg@unm.edu
Natalie Williams Student Success Manager
Men's Basketball, Softball
277-6536 williamsn@unm.edu
Megan Roegner Football Advising Intern 277-1573 roegner@unm.edu
Robert Trujillo Football Advising Intern 277-6538 truji5@unm.edu
Chris Baca Learning Strategist 277-8964 chbaca@unm.edu
James Gehrke Learning Specialist Intern TBA jgehrke@unm.edu
Valerie Valle Clinical Psychologist 277-0373 or 277-3136 valvalle@unm.edu
Beverly Akin Administrative Assistant 277-3154 bakin@unm.edu
Alumni Lettermen's Association FAX: 277-5609
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Madison Warren Executive Director 925-5905 mwarren@unm.edu
Athletic Performance FAX: 925-5549
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Ben Hilgart Director (Football) 925-5665 bhilgart@unm.edu
Joaquin Chavez Associate Director (VB, WSOC, MGolf, M/W Skiing, S&D) 925-5665 smartbob@unm.edu
Molly McKinnon Senior Assistant (WBB, SB, WTEN) 925-1564 mollymck@unm.edu
Jeremy Anderson Assistant (Men's Basketball, WGolf) 925-5665 jcanderson@unm.edu
Ryan Dupre Assistant (M/W T&F, M/W XC, MSOC, BB, MTEN) 925-5665 rcdupre@unm.edu
Amity Livingston Graduate Assistant (Olympic sports) 925-5665 alivin02@unm.edu
Kyle Kudrna Graduate Assistant (Football) 925-5665 kkudrna@unm.edu
Joe Stoner Intern (Football) 925-5665 jabs8908@unm.edu
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Chad Simons Director 277-4036 simochad@unm.edu
Baseball FAX: 925-5734
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Ray Birmingham Head Coach 925-5721 RayBirm@unm.edu
Ken Jacome Assistant Coach 925-5721 KJacome@unm.edu
Dan Spencer Assistant Coach 925-5721 spencerd@unm.edu
Basketball - Men's FAX: 925-5759
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Craig Neal Head Coach 925-5750 LoboBB@unm.edu
Lamont Smith Associate Head Coach 925-5565 lamontsmith@unm.edu
Drew Adams Assistant Coach 925-5561 dadams04@unm.edu
Alan Huss Assistant Coach 925-5565 ahuss@unm.edu
Cody Hopkins Director of Basketball Operations 925-5568 codyhopkins@unm.edu
Ben Sanders Video Coordinator 925-5588 benfsanders@unm.edu
Yolanda Rodriguez Administrative Assistant 925-5750 yolrodri@unm.edu
Basketball - Women's FAX: 925-5779
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Yvonne Sanchez Head Coach 925-5770 chez15@unm.edu
Anthony Turner Assistant Coach 925-5775 turnera@unm.edu
Joseph Anders Assistant Coach 925-5776 jande15@unm.edu
Amy Beggin Assistant Coach 925-5772 abeggin@unm.edu
Jourdan Erskine Director of Basketball Operations 925-5787 jerskine@unm.edu
Vera Jo Bustos Video Coordinator 925-5787 vbustos@unm.edu
Lynn Nunez Administrative Assistant 925-5770 lnunez@unm.edu
Business Office FAX: 925-5559
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Yvonne Otts Financial Analyst 925-5554 yotts@unm.edu
Kaley Espindola HR Department Representative 925-5552 kaleyk@unm.edu
Keni Banos Assistant 925-5556 troncosa@unm.edu
Loriann Salgado Assistant 925-5553 loriann@unm.edu
Robbin Garcia Assistant 925-5551 robg@unm.edu
Rolanda Pana Assistant (mornings) 925-5612 ropana@unm.edu
Jon Haarlow Program Specialist 925-5824 jhaarlow@unm.edu
Brenda Kniffin Anthony Travel 925-5641 brendakniffin@anthonytravel.com
Communications   FAX: 925-5609
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Frank Mercogliano Assistant AD/Communications
Football, Skiing
925-5520/410-4844 cell fmercog@unm.edu
Greg Archuleta Assistant Director
Women's Soccer, Women's Basketball, Men's Golf
925-5520/440-3366 cell garchsr@unm.edu
Chelsey Chamberlain Assistant Director 
Volleyball, Softball
925-5520/541-761-0358 cell chamberlainc@unm.edu
Matt Ensor Assistant Director
Men's Basketball, Football (Secondary)
925-5520/541-513-6627 mensor@unm.edu
Terry Kelly Assistant Director
Men's Soccer, Baseball
925-5520/408- 829-9224 cell terrykelly@unm.edu
Richard Stevens Senior Writer/Assistant Director
Women's Golf
925-5528 rstevens50@comcast.net
Aries Marquez Student Assistant
Swimming & Diving
925-5520 aplm1273@unm.edu
Laura Schuessler Student Assistant
Men's and Women's Tennis
925-5520 schuessL@unm.edu
Mike Mulcahy Student Assistant
Cross Country, Track & Field, Sand Volleyball
925-5520 mmulcahy@unm.edu
Compliance FAX: 925-5845
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Dawn Martinez Assistant AD/Compliance 925-5835 dsheyka@unm.edu
Lisa Gilmore Director of Compliance 925-5840 lgilmore@unm.edu
Concessions & Catering (Sodexo Sports & Leisure) FAX: 925-5942
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Tom Winter General Manager 925-5920 tom.winter@sodexo.com
Elgie Harris Culinary Manager/ Catering 925-1575 elgie.harris@sodexo.com
Tomas Vargas Concession Supervisor 924-0417 tomas.vardes@sodexo.com
Patrice Miller Administrative Assistant 925-5920 patrice.miller@sodexo.com
Development/Lobo Club FAX: 925-5609
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Lee De Leon Associate AD/Development 925-2582 loboclub@unm.edu
Jon Burkett Assistant AD/Development 925-5900


Ed Manzanares Assistant AD/Major Gifts 925-5607 Ed.Manzanares@unmfund.org
Lauren Adee Director of Annual Giving 925-5600 Lauren.Adee@unmfund.org
Joe McLean Director of Premium Seating 925-5017 Joe.McLean@unmfund.org
Ciara Martinez Assistant Director of Development 925-5908 cmarti24@unm.edu
Alan Dils Development Officer, Men's Tennis 228-1217 aldils@aol.com
Valerie Arbogast Financial Coordinator 925-5902 valarbo@unm.edu
Chelsea Redmond Donor Services Coordinator 925-5901 chelsea7@unm.edu
Michele Cameron Administrative Assistant 925-5014 cameronm@unm.edu
Equipment Room FAX: 925-5559
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Jacquelyn May Equipment Operations Manager 925-5774 jmmay@unm.edu
Chris Schieder Operations Specialist/Football 925-5661 cschieder@unm.edu
Liz Romero Assistant Manager/General 925-5660 equipmnt@unm.edu
Events Management FAX: 925-5609
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Michael Haggerty Assistant AD/Events 925-5608 haggerty@unm.edu
Chris Tafoya Events Parking Supervisor 925-5608 noah22@unm.edu
Facilities FAX: 925-5955
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Scott Dotson Associate AD/Facilities 925-5925 scottd@unm.edu
Matt McKernan Assistant Director 925-5954 McKMatt@unm.edu
Steven Scaggs Coordinator/Sports & Events 925-5956 sscaggs@unm.edu
Tim Doyle Fields Manager 925-5953 tcdoyle@unm.edu
Kris Kollander Field Tech 925-5953  
Ross Lucero Field Tech 925-5953  
Damacio Maestas Field Tech 925-5953  
Nick Wood Field Tech 925-5953  
Leroy Tapia Mechanic 925-5957  
Alberto Vazquez-Bolivar Lead Custodian 925-5954 avazquez@unm.edu
Caroline Thomas Custodian 925-5954  
Football FAX: 925-5719
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Bob Davie Head Coach 925-5700 cnevitte@unm.edu
Bob DeBesse Quarterbacks/Offensive Coordinator 925-5700 lobofb@unm.edu
Kevin Cosgrove Defensive Coordinator/Inside Linebackers 925-5700 lobofb@unm.edu
Scott Baumgartner Wide Receivers 925-5700 lobofb@unm.edu
Jason Lenzmeier Offensive Line 925-5700 lobofb@unm.edu
Archie McDaniel Outside Linebackers 925-5700 lobofb@unm.edu
Charles McMillian Defensive Backs 925-5700 lobofb@unm.edu
Barry Sacks Defensive Line 925-5700 lobofb@unm.edu
Derek Warehime Tight Ends/Run Game Coordinator 925-5700 lobofb@unm.edu
Apollo Wright Running Backs 925-5700 lobofb@unm.edu
Ben Hilgart Athletic Performance Director 925-5525 lobofb@unm.edu
Clay Davie Graduate Assistant - Offense 925-5700 loboga@unm.edu
TBA Graduate Assistant - Offense 925-5700 loboga@unm.edu
Jacori Greer Graduate Assistant - Defense 925-5700 loboga@unm.edu
Justin Richter Graduate Assistant - Defense 925-5700 loboga@unm.edu
Kyle Kudrna Graduate Assistant - Athletic Performance 925-5665 loboga@unm.edu
Joe Stoner Intern - Athletic Performance 925-5665 jabs8908@unm.edu
Brian DeSpain Football Operations 925-5700 bdespain@unm.edu
Chris Crooks Video Coordinator 925-5718 lobofb@unm.edu
Paul Kasero Videographer 925-5718  
Josh Sternquist Director of Recruiting 925-5888 lobofb@unm.edu
Michael Levy Director of Player Personnel 925-5700 mlevy@unm.edu
Chris Birmingham Office Administrator 925-5700 cnevitte@unm.edu
Golf - Men's FAX: 277-1470
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Glen Millican Head Coach 505-604-4786 glenmillican@unm.edu
Jim Garren Assistant Coach 770-546-1976 jimgarren@unm.edu
Wright Zimmerly Volunteer Coach 836-4449 wrightzimm@comcast.net
Golf - Women's FAX: 277-1470
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Jill Trujillo Head Coach 505-235-5590 jktpro@unm.edu
Britney Choy Assistant Coach 505-277-4527 britneychoy@unm.edu
Lobo Sports Properties FAX: 925-5609
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Kyle James General Manager 925-5605 kjames@lobosportsproperties.com
TBA Associate General Manager 925-5601 TBA
Chris Holland Assistant General Manager 925-5633 cholland@lobosportsproperties.com
Cristal Garcia Account Executive 925-5753 cgarcia@lobosportsproperties.com
Jake Hobrock Account Executive 925-5832 jhobrock@lobosportsproperties.com
Jared Schmit Marketing Coordinator 925-5511 jschmit@lobosportspropertiescom
Lobo Tennis Club FAX: 925-5562
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Bob Scott Director 925-5991 lobo10s_bob@yahoo.com
LoboTV FAX: 925-5609
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Kasey Byers Producer 925-5512 kbyers@unm.edu
TBA Assistant Producer 925-5854 TBA
Marketing & Revenue Generation FAX: 925-5609
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Brad Hutchins Senior Associate AD/Marketing & Revenue Generation 925-5606 hutchins@unm.edu
Drew Ingraham Assistant AD/ Marketing & Sales 925-5621 dingraham@unm.edu 
Joe Gehling GM, Ticket Sales 925-1620 jgehling@unm.edu
Andrew Aho Account Executive, Ticket Sales 925-5743 aaho@unm.edu
Jon Washington Marketing Assistant 925-5909 jwashing@unm.edu
Stella-Marie Akindayomi

Marketing Assistant

925-5742 sakinday@unm.edu
TBA Marketing Assistant 925-5625


Skiing FAX: 277-5941
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Fredrik Landstedt Head Ski Coach 277-5423 landsted@unm.edu
Pierre Niess Student Assistant Nordic Coach 277-5423 niessp@unm.edu
Joe Downing Alpine Head Coach 277-5423 downingj@unm.edu
TBA Student Assistant Alpine Coach 277-5423 TBA
Soccer - Men's FAX: 925-5729
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Jeremy Fishbein Head Coach 925-5726 lobosocr@unm.edu
Paul Souders Associate Head Coach 925-5727 souders@unm.edu
Mike Graczyk Assistant Coach 925-5728 mgraczyk@unm.edu
Travis Campbell Director of Operations 925-1558 traviscampbell66@yahoo.com
Soccer - Women's FAX: 925-5756
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Kit Vela Head Coach 925-5760 kvela@unm.edu
Jorge Vela Assistant Coach 925-5760 jvela@unm.edu
Krista Foo Assistant Coach 925-5760 kpfoo5@gmail.com
Melanie Thomas Director of Operations 925-5760 coachmel1@unm.edu
Softball FAX: 925-5815
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Erica Beach Head Coach 925-5814 beache@unm.edu
Lyndsey Angus Assistant Coach 925-5812 langus@unm.edu
Lisa-Ann Wallace Assistant Coach 925-5813 lawallace@unm.edu
Spirit Program FAX: 925-5609
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Kelly Grice Community Relations & Spirit Program Coordinator 925-5613 unmspirit@unm.edu
Stephanie Sherwood Dance Coach 925-5613 unmspirit@unm.edu
Robbie Rodriguez Dance Coach  925-5613  unmspirit@unm.edu
Dustin Truitt Co-Ed Cheerleading Coach  925-5613  unmspirit@unm.edu
Tabitha Griego Co-Ed Cheerleading Coach  925-5613  unmspirit@unm.edu
Jodie Garcia All-Girl Cheerleading Coach  925-5613  unmspirit@unm.edu
Amber Lazo All-Girl Cheerleading Coach  925-5613  unmspirit@unm.edu
Swimming & Diving FAX: 277-5941
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Kunio Kono Head Coach 277-4472 kkono71@unm.edu
Julie Weddle Head Diving Coach 277-4472 weddlej@unm.edu
Aimee Dunavant Assistant Swimming Coach 277-2208 adunavant@unm.edu
Tennis - Men's FAX: 925-5562
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Bart Scott Interim Head Coach 340-5456 bas@unm.edu
Ben Dunbar Graduate Assistant Coach 850-5720 bdunbar@unm.edu
Tennis - Women's FAX: 925-5562
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Erica Perkins Jasper Head Coach 925-1612 ejasper@unm.edu
Kelcy McKenna Assistant Coach 925-5732 kmckenna@unm.edu
Ticketing (Lobo Ticket Office in The Pit) FAX: 925-5639
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Mark Koson Associate AD/Director, Ticketing Services 925-5626 tixman@unm.edu
Kim Goodson Associate Director 925-5626 hobbsan@unm.edu
Leason ("Lea") Cherry Office Coordinator - The Pit 925-5626 lcherry@unm.edu
Carissa Clark Ticket Sales - The Pit 925-5626 cclark5@unm.edu
Ken Elliott Operations Manager - Bookstore 277-4569 jstrw@unm.edu
Kristi Gore Ticket Sales - Bookstore 277-4569 kgore@unm.edu
Victoria Chavez Ticket Sales - The Pit/Bookstore 925-5626  
Gloria Plumlee Ticket Sales - The Pit 925-5626  
Gideon Schumpelt Tech Assistant 925-5626  
Adam Peters Tech Assistant 925-5626  
Chris Owen Office Coordinator - Bookstore 277-4569 carousel@unm.edu
Diego Trujillo Unit IT Support Manager 925-5626 diegot@unm.edu
Track & Field/Cross Country FAX: 925-5585
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Joe Franklin Head Coach 925-5735 jbfrankl@unm.edu
Rodney Zuyderwyk Associate Head Coach / Track & Field 925-5738 rzuyderw@unm.edu
'A Havahla Haynes Associate Head Coach / Cross-Country 925-5737 hhaynes@unm.edu
Austin Brobst Assistant Coach / Recruiting Coordinator 925-5585 abrobst@unm.edu
Rich Ceronie Assistant Coach / Home Meet Director (513) 593-0269 rceronie@unm.edu
Eric Stellmon Volunteer Assistant Coach TBD TBD
Training Room FAX: 925-5549
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Bob Waller Head Athletics Trainer
925-5547 rwaller@unm.edu
Craig Hendrickson Athletic Trainer
925-5546 chendr01@unm.edu
Andrea Quintana Athletic Trainer
Women's Basketball
925-1566 aquint14@unm.edu
Nate Burney Athletic Trainer
Men's Basketball
925-1565 nburney@unm.edu
Robert Rimorin Athletic Trainer
925-5548 robrim3@unm.edu
Susan McGowen ATEP Curriculum Director/Johnson Center 277-0430 yorex@unm.edu
Kate Zimmerman Graduate Assistant/Johnson Center
277-5307 kazimm@unm.edu 
Rebekah McFann Graduate Assistant/Johnson Center
Swimming & Diving
277-5307 rmcfann@unm.edu 

Sarah Bair

Graduate Assistant
Track and Field
925-5540 sbair1@unm.edu 
Keith Cross Graduate Assistant
Men's Soccer
925-5548 kcross1@unm.edu
Steven Plourde Graduate Assistant
925-5540 splourde2@unm.edu
Jeremy Cobb Graduate Assistant
925-5540 jc2035@unm.edu 
Nick Medina Graduate Assistant
925-5548 Nickmedina@unm.edu
Kelsey Hubbard Graduate Assistant
925-5548 Klhubbar@unm.edu
Kyle Hickey Graduate Assistant
Women's Soccer
925-5548 khickey@unm.edu
Shandiin Copeland Graduate Assistant
Spirit & Dance
925-5548 Shandiin@unm.edu
Rolanda Pana Administrative Assistant (evenings) 925-5541 ropana@unm.edu
Becky Freeman Clinical Sports Nutritionist 925-5657 bfreeman@unm.edu
Training Room - Team Doctors FAX: 925-5549
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Dr. Andy Veitch Head Team Physician/Orthopedics 272-1350 aveitch@salud.unm.edu
Dr. Ann Gately Team Physician/Family Practice 272-6492 agateley@salud.unm.edu
Dr. Robert Schenck Team Physician/Orthopedics 272-1350 rschenck@salud.unm.edu
Dr. Dan Wascher Team Physician/Orthopedics 272-6495 dwascher@salud.unm.edu
Dr. Gehron Treme Team Physician/Orthopedics 272-4107 gtreme@salud.unm.edu
Dr. Chris McGrew Team Physician/Sports Medicine and Family Medicine 272-2165 cmcgrew@salud.unm.edu
Lee Argubright Nurse/Training Room Clinic 925-5543 LArgubright@salud.unm.edu
Eric Beck Office Coordinator 925-5530 ebeck@salud.unm.edu
Volleyball FAX: 277-5941
Name Title Phone E-Mail
Jeff Nelson Head Coach 277-3804 jjnelson@unm.edu
Lisa Beauchene Assistant Coach 277-6291 beauch@unm.edu
JJ Glavan Assistant Coach 277-2314 jglavan@unm.edu
Allison Buck Director of Operations 277-0102 abuck01@unm.edu
David Buchholz Volleyball League Director 277-2472 vbleague@unm.edu

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